Cleveland Crime Rates are going up

rising crime rates

Cleveland, is now getting listed at the higher end of the list of the most dangerous cities in America. It seems to be moving upwards on the list with each passing year, thanks to the growing rate of crime in the city.

The factors responsible for the rise in crime rates

Though many people blame the sluggish economic condition and other such factors for this rather disturbing rise in the crime rates in the city, they don’t seem to be justifying such a steep rise. After all, many other states in the nation too, have witnessed such economic conditions, and probably a rise in the crime rates as well, but nowhere near to what Cleveland did.

It actually seems to be coming down to the social factors. An increase in marijuana use, drinking, use of drugs, and other related worsening social conditions can be related to the steep rise in the crime rates in the city. After all, if you dig deeper in the specifics, youll find that students too, are increasingly  involved in crimes in the city, some of them are drug addicts.
Some of the other major factors include the city becoming a part of one of the most popular drug routes in the nation, rising poverty, a comparatively easy availability of weapons, and so on.
Some shocking statistics
Not many cities in the nation witnessed an overall increase in the cases of violent crime in the city, but Cleveland managed to be an exception. In fact, it witnessed a surprising increase of around 7 percent in the overall violent crime cases, a huge cause of worry for the state authorities.
This increase seems to be a reason of the increasing number of robbery cases in the city, coupled with a large number of aggravated assaults.
The number of murders in the city, however, showed an overall decrease. The number fell from 84 to 55 on a year-to-year basis, allowing people to take a sigh of relief. However, unfortunately, fueled by the increasing number of crime cases in the city, this trend might start reversing itself soon enough, leading to an even dangerous environment.
As far as the exact violent crime rate statistics are concerned, every 3 of around 200 people seem to be falling prey to such crimes. The murder rate, however, is 14 for every 100,000 people in the city, comparatively lower to some of the other large states in the nation.
The population is nearing the 400,000 mark, making it one of the most populated cities in the U.S. as well. The large population seems to be the cause of a rather low officer to population ratio, with there being just one security officer for looking after every 264 people in the city.
The poverty rate seems to be on a rise as well, making it one of the major causes of the increasing crime rate in the city. It has crossed the 30 percent mark a long while ago, and is growing further. We are nearing 35 percent  now, but the worrying economic conditions in the city are probably sure to worsen it further.… Read More.....

Change your locks after buying a new house!

Secure your new home

If you just bought a new house you have so many things to take care of, paperwork like mortgage, insurances but also practical things like furniture, designing, packing, unpacking, transportation, new neighbors, surroundings, and so on. In the midst of all these, it seems that most of them forget one of the most important things – Security of your new house.
Many people do not realise that after buying a new house, their security is in a really vulnerable state.
There are many reasons that make us say this, as we keep coming across numerous instances of breakins into new house owners’ property and robbing stuff, as well as causing damage to the propperty.


How to ensure perfect security of your home?

If you’re confused about how to go about ensuring the required level of safety after moving into a new home, you should consider changing the home’s locks. It may seem like an expensive thing to do, as well as quite a bit of hassle, but in many case it sure is worth it. With crime rates hitting new highs almost everywhere, changing your new home’s locks definitely is a very sensible idea.
There are quite a few reasons that make changing your new home’s lock a necessary thing to do, but if you still aren’t convinced, you can read some specific reasons to do so below.

Spare keys and risk from the previous owner

In many cases the new home owner is not even be aware of how many spare keys of the home are floating around. The previous owner might be having a couple of sets at least, and this too is something risky to ignore, especially if you don’t know the previous owner personally. I’d probably go on to say that even if you know them personally, it still doesn’t make sense to trust them completely. Also, it’s not always about whom you trust and whom you don’t, but also about ensuring that safe feeling when you go to sleep every night.
Furthermore, even if you’re comfortable with the previous owner having access to your house, there may still be quite a few other spare keys they might have given to other people, including their friends, family members, neighbors, contractors, nanny, workers, and so on. You obviously don’t want to trust so many unknown people and give them access to your home.

Again, if you’ve bought an old house, chances are that the previous owner might have had roommates or partners, who have spare keys with them, regardless of whether they are still in touch with them or not. This also includes people the previous owner may have found guilty of committing something wrong and kicked out of their house.
If the previous owner lost their keys, chances are that the person who found them has access to the house (thus your belongings) . Eventhough they may or may not know to whom the key belongs, it’s still a security threat, especially in case they are looking for an opportunity to break into your home.… Read More.....

Locksmith scams and what to look out for

Don't get scammed hiring a locksmith

As technology is getting better with giving us that sense of safety when it comes to our belongings so is the business of scams getting tall and elaborating. According to report published by NBC, “estimated US consumers lose around $6.5 billion to scams every year – that’s the equivalent of $60 for each adult living in the US”.

The people who are behind this scam industry are coming up with new and modified ways to target the community. Imagine a person whose job is to fix locks on doors and windows and to open locked doors if you lost your keys is actually a fraud. A locksmith asking for a huge amount of money to open your locked door is becoming quite common now a days.

Cleveland Police investigated a case where the locksmith changed the lock at a very high price then came back the next day and robbed the same place. Steve Cox of the Cleveland BBB says “Of course these companies operate under names like ‘Dependable Locksmith’ in order to exploit the vulnerable emergency situation for consumers who are locked out of their house or car.”

Laura Gold of West Newton found herself in hands of a fraudulent locksmith when she called a nationwide company for a locksmith. The amount was agreed on phone, two guys appeared in an unidentified vehicle. When the job was done, she was presented with a bill for many times the quoted price and demanded cash payment. Gold says she was shocked when the technicians handed her a bill of $580. They demanded cash and she had no choice but to go the nearest ATM and withdraw the cash. Gold had been routed to the call center of Clearwater, Fla.-based Dependable, which is now the subject of a federal case as well as multiple complaints filed by state attorneys general.

In November 2009, two owners of Dependable were charged with allegedly using coercive and intimidating tactics to strong-arm customers into paying costly fees for locksmith services from its network of technicians around the country.

Hundreds and thousands of locksmith swindle people out of their deposits in America. One such incident occurred with firefighter David Rossi. He hired a locksmith to replace three lockswhen his Woodbridge, Va., home was burglarized. Locksmith agreed upon a price of $250 but David was presented with a bill of more than $1,000. “After looking into it, that’s not a normal price for changing locks, even in the middle of the night in an emergency,” Rossi says. “It felt like I’d been robbed twice.”


Ways to avoid locksmith scams

Reliable Locksmith Resources:

If you are searching for a locksmith near you in Cleveland make sure they are  a member of ALOA locksmith professionals  and licenced to perform locksmithing services in your state.

Don’t wait your keys to be misplaced or get lost. Always keep a number of a reliable locksmith company in your mobile, wallet or purse.

  1. Search online for a local company preferably on Google.
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Are Biometric Locks more secure than traditional locks

Biometric lock

Hollywood movies have shown us some mind blowing technology which seemed impractical and even absurd at times like fingerprint security or iris scans security. Today all this high tech and intricate technology has come to life. Biometric locks are now being used in offices, hospitals, airports, schools and banks all around the world over the last five to ten years.

A biometric lock uses a thermal or optical scanner to read and memorize fingerprints of the owner and individuals who are allowed access to that particular room or area.  Iris scanners scan the unique pattern of your iris.

High Tech Technology used in a proper way

Adios to those metal keys. You will not forget your fingers or face in some other jacket or pants. No fears of your keys getting stolen or displaced. Biometric locks offer convenience and ready-to-use technology for authorization in particular sensitive areas.

Biometric information, cannot be misplaced or lost. It cannot be passed (although that is debated by several security experts ) to someone or get into wrong hands accidentally. This type of access control seems much more secure than one that relies on old fashioned physical keys. The biometric data is unique to every single person from whom it is recorded.

Biometric or keyless locks can be conveniently used in homes. You can secure every room if you want. Don’t get suspicious about your door being locked or not as one important advantage of biometric locks is that the doors are automatically locked when closed. This important feature is very useful in case you have kids because kids often forget to lock the doors. A biometric lock can store data of about 10, 15, 2o or even 50 users.

Biometric locks can be easily installed in existing doors. They can be programmed easily and they can be used in homes and offices and industrial buildings. When choosing a biometric lock ensure that the lock comes with a reliable backup battery power. Backup battery power ensures that the lock is working properly even if power failure occurs, so you are not locked  out of your home. It also comes up with low battery warning and a sliding cover to protect the UV censor and it is water resistant.


Some smart phones are also clever enough to control your door locks. Smart home locks allow you to use a smart phone app to remotely lock and unlock doors. You can also give access to your friends and colleagues in case you are not present in your home. You can even check if your house is locked or not if you are away. Some smart lock manufacturers include Goji Lock, UniKeyKevo and August Smart Lock. The applications needed to control the locks can be downloaded from the play store, or appstore. Before purchasing a smart lock it is advisable to check if your smartphone is compatible with the required smart lock application.… Read More.....

10 safest places to live in the US

Safety for your Family

Everyone wishes to live in a safe city like Gotham where you can have Batman patrolling the streets, but this is a mere fantasy. In-case you are considering to leave Cleveland and want to move to a  safe community to live in where the crime rate is low, and risk of  theft is minimal, this post is for you.

The latest FBI records show the cities which have less population have lower crime rate numbers compared to densely populated cities. But this fact can be rejected if we look at cities like Flint, Michigan, America’s most dangerous city which show high in crime rates – Forbes rated Flint as the most dangerous city to live for women.

The cities which enjoy high incomes have low crime rates as compared to the towns with low household income. In addition to low crime rates, the safest cities also have lowest property crime rates. As reported by Urban Institute’s Roman, the reduction in crime has to do more about the economic policies, the well-being of its civilians and not about the crime policies or law enforcement.

To identify the safest cities in America a review of violent crime rates among the nation’s cities with population of 1000,000 or more is taken based on the records with the FBI. The data is fragmented into eight types of crimes: homicide, robbery, rape and aggravated assault; property crimes comprise of burglary, incendiarism, larceny and motor vehicle theft. In addition to all these hideous and gruesome crimes, poverty and literacy rate is accumulated from the 2013 census Bureau’s American Community Survey. We have shortlisted ten safest cities in U.S.A.

  1. Irvine, California

It is a suburban city in Orange Country, California, United States. With a population of 235,000 just 113 crime rates were reported in Irvine last year. Irvine was chosen in 2008 by as the fourth best place to live in the United States. The city violent crime rates was just 48 per 100,000 people. High earning and well-educated population can be considered as the reason of low crime rates. Irvine had a murder rate 80% below average – rape rate 86% below average – robbery rate 86% below average.

  1. Naperville, Illinois

A lower poverty rate, a city where 98% of people 25 and older had at least a high school diploma can be regarded as the reason of its low crime rates. It was rated as the second best city to live in by MONEY magazine in 2006.

  1. Cary, North Carolina

Located in the Piedmont region of the eastern United States, Cary enjoys remarkably low poverty rate of just 5.5% and high incomes. Here economic growth has led to declining crime rates. Violent crime rate is 79% less than North Carolina.

  1. Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert covers 76 square miles of land in Maricopa County, Arizona. Last year less than 6% of Gilbert residents lived in poverty, the lowest rate in the country is likely to be a major factor in low crime rates in its streets.… Read More.....

Deadbolt Locks Explained


Deadbolts for Home Safety

One of the most easy ways to increase the security of your home is by installing a deadbolt on the front door. A deadbolt is an additional lock that can be installed relatively easy. The principle is simple: when in locked position, a bar of steel or iron is pushed against the doorframe or wall to prevent the door from moving. When you twist the lock the position of said bolt moves back into the door (open position) to allow access. If you do not have a quality deadbolt, it is easier for thieves to break into your home by force (kicking the door). You can have either a basic deadbolt lock or an upgraded one with more security measures. Deadbolt locks are available in different quality en security levels: ANSI grade, UL listing, and double or single cylinder locks.


Deadbolt Locks Explained


Single cylinder

A single cylinder lock only has one slot for the key. You will need a key to open it from the outside, but it can be opened at any time and by anyone from the inside by turning the knob. The single cylinder deadbolt should not be used for doors nearby windows: burglars can break the glass and simply turn the deadbolt from the inside.  These locks are an excellent additional security precaution for back and frontdoors closed in by walls.

Double cylinder

A door with double cylinder lock provides more security than the single cylinder one. One cannot enter or exit it without a key. The deadbolt can only be trown or retracted by key from both the inside as well as from the outside. These work best for the front door of a house or an office room with (breakable) windows near the door. Make sure to store a key out of reach for burglars, but close enough for yourself incase you have to escape from the house in an emergency or  firehazard.


Security Grades

The United States Standards Institute – a non-profit organization called ANSI (American National Standards Institute) – grades the quality, longevity, toughness, and durability and latch lenght of locks. Deadbolt lock grades are divided into 3 categories: grade 1, the strongest, most secure deadbolt lock;  grade 2, the second highest security lock, most commonly used in residential buildings or shops; and grade 3, which is the minimum grade. If you want maximum residential security, use a grade 1 lock.


Underwriter Laboratories, provides a lock security rating called UL437. It rates all keyed locks including the deadbolts that we discuss in this post.
The Underwriter Laboratories deadbolt security test is one of the hardest to pass; it tests against  forcing, drilling, sawing, prying, picking, impressioning and bumping as well as an endurance test that tests the ability to withstand 10000 cycles of opening and closing the lock.


 Other things to Consider

More often than not, a deadbolt fails to do its job when your door gets kicked down.… Read More.....