About Cleveland Security Bloggers

Welcome to this website where we are on a mission to make our community a safer place by sharing our knowledge and making people aware of National and Regional security related issues, as well as new security related technologies, techniques, tips and howto’s.

This site was founded by Ron who works as a local locksmith in Cleveland, and Paul, a former security guard who works as a security manager at a large factory (location is top secret) šŸ˜‰
Our combined knowledge on security related topics is well over 35 years.

We regularly meet in and outside our jobs and since we share interests on a lot of topics, being general security, new technologies, alarm systems, sharing police stories, plus we are both diehardĀ  Cleveland Indians fans ( Let’s go Tribe!)

If you have anything to say, or want to submit a guestpost (must be security or Cleveland related) you can contact us via the contact form.

We hope you enjoy our blog!



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