Are Biometric Locks more secure than traditional locks

Biometric lock

Hollywood movies have shown us some mind blowing technology which seemed impractical and even absurd at times like fingerprint security or iris scans security. Today all this high tech and intricate technology has come to life. Biometric locks are now being used in offices, hospitals, airports, schools and banks all around the world over the last five to ten years.

A biometric lock uses a thermal or optical scanner to read and memorize fingerprints of the owner and individuals who are allowed access to that particular room or area.  Iris scanners scan the unique pattern of your iris.

High Tech Technology used in a proper way

Adios to those metal keys. You will not forget your fingers or face in some other jacket or pants. No fears of your keys getting stolen or displaced. Biometric locks offer convenience and ready-to-use technology for authorization in particular sensitive areas.

Biometric information, cannot be misplaced or lost. It cannot be passed (although that is debated by several security experts ) to someone or get into wrong hands accidentally. This type of access control seems much more secure than one that relies on old fashioned physical keys. The biometric data is unique to every single person from whom it is recorded.

Biometric or keyless locks can be conveniently used in homes. You can secure every room if you want. Don’t get suspicious about your door being locked or not as one important advantage of biometric locks is that the doors are automatically locked when closed. This important feature is very useful in case you have kids because kids often forget to lock the doors. A biometric lock can store data of about 10, 15, 2o or even 50 users.

Biometric locks can be easily installed in existing doors. They can be programmed easily and they can be used in homes and offices and industrial buildings. When choosing a biometric lock ensure that the lock comes with a reliable backup battery power. Backup battery power ensures that the lock is working properly even if power failure occurs, so you are not locked  out of your home. It also comes up with low battery warning and a sliding cover to protect the UV censor and it is water resistant.


Some smart phones are also clever enough to control your door locks. Smart home locks allow you to use a smart phone app to remotely lock and unlock doors. You can also give access to your friends and colleagues in case you are not present in your home. You can even check if your house is locked or not if you are away. Some smart lock manufacturers include Goji Lock, UniKeyKevo and August Smart Lock. The applications needed to control the locks can be downloaded from the play store, or appstore. Before purchasing a smart lock it is advisable to check if your smartphone is compatible with the required smart lock application.

How the biometric locks lacks its stability

If Tom Cruise can do it so can any hacker. Though biometric locks use our unique finger prints there is still the possibility to fool the device used to protect your house or building. There are well known ways to get around fingerprint biometric authentication, from creating false fingers (with prints) from gelatin, using good quality photographs or even a photocopy of fingerprints to fool scanners, not to mention the most dreadful way of removing the finger of those with access rights. These are well known in real life and our Hollywood movies. Another disadvantage of Biometric system is they will not identify you if you get a cut or a scar on your finger.

Will the traditional metal keys will be discarded?

Biometric locks look like a cool gadget to have but many people including myself prefer old-fashioned metal keys for a very good reason. Charles Arthur, a technology writer at the Guardian, says people may be happy to trust a card or smartphone for hotels and cars, but a much higher sense of security is desired when it comes to the home, he says. “Is it failsafe if there is a power cut, what happens if there is a fire, does it stop working”? If you drop a key in water it is not that troublesome but if you drop an electronic key in water it’s going to create a chaos. Some people also find remembering codes and passwords horrifying.

Boimetric locks offer several benefits, but there are many downsides as well. Personally i still prefer to place my trust in the ancient Egyptian hardware invention, especially when home security is concerned.