Cleveland Crime Rates are going up

rising crime rates

Cleveland, is now getting listed at the higher end of the list of the most dangerous cities in America. It seems to be moving upwards on the list with each passing year, thanks to the growing rate of crime in the city.

The factors responsible for the rise in crime rates

Though many people blame the sluggish economic condition and other such factors for this rather disturbing rise in the crime rates in the city, they don’t seem to be justifying such a steep rise. After all, many other states in the nation too, have witnessed such economic conditions, and probably a rise in the crime rates as well, but nowhere near to what Cleveland did.

It actually seems to be coming down to the social factors. An increase in marijuana use, drinking, use of drugs, and other related worsening social conditions can be related to the steep rise in the crime rates in the city. After all, if you dig deeper in the specifics, youll find that students too, are increasingly  involved in crimes in the city, some of them are drug addicts.
Some of the other major factors include the city becoming a part of one of the most popular drug routes in the nation, rising poverty, a comparatively easy availability of weapons, and so on.
Some shocking statistics
Not many cities in the nation witnessed an overall increase in the cases of violent crime in the city, but Cleveland managed to be an exception. In fact, it witnessed a surprising increase of around 7 percent in the overall violent crime cases, a huge cause of worry for the state authorities.
This increase seems to be a reason of the increasing number of robbery cases in the city, coupled with a large number of aggravated assaults.
The number of murders in the city, however, showed an overall decrease. The number fell from 84 to 55 on a year-to-year basis, allowing people to take a sigh of relief. However, unfortunately, fueled by the increasing number of crime cases in the city, this trend might start reversing itself soon enough, leading to an even dangerous environment.
As far as the exact violent crime rate statistics are concerned, every 3 of around 200 people seem to be falling prey to such crimes. The murder rate, however, is 14 for every 100,000 people in the city, comparatively lower to some of the other large states in the nation.
The population is nearing the 400,000 mark, making it one of the most populated cities in the U.S. as well. The large population seems to be the cause of a rather low officer to population ratio, with there being just one security officer for looking after every 264 people in the city.
The poverty rate seems to be on a rise as well, making it one of the major causes of the increasing crime rate in the city. It has crossed the 30 percent mark a long while ago, and is growing further. We are nearing 35 percent  now, but the worrying economic conditions in the city are probably sure to worsen it further.
The average household income seems to be raising eyebrows as well, as the numbers are rather shocking. The average household income in the city is just around $26,000, the lowest even among the 10 most dangerous cities in the nation. This is a huge reason to be worry about, given that there are cities with considerably higher average household income with a crime rate higher than that of Cleveland. So logically speaking, the rather surprisingly poor financial condition of most of the people in the city is set to make it jump a few spots further on the list of the 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

A final word

It seems to be a need of the day for the government to step in and take some measures to curb the rather surprisingly rising crime rate in Cleveland. However, in order to do this, they will probably have to focus on the micro picture first. After all, tackling the factors responsible for the high crime rate is the only way of bringing down the overall level of crime that exists in the city.
Improving the economic conditions remains a major concern as well, as it is one of the major causes of the increasing crime rate as well. Similarly, law inforcement will have to do something about the city being part of major drug transportation routes. As if this isn’t dealt with in time, the number of gangsters and criminals will keep rising in the city.