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10 safest places to live in the US

Safety for your Family

Everyone wishes to live in a safe city like Gotham where you can have Batman patrolling the streets, but this is a mere fantasy. In-case you are considering to leave Cleveland and want to move to a  safe community to live in where the crime rate is low, and risk of  theft is minimal, this post is for you.

The latest FBI records show the cities which have less population have lower crime rate numbers compared to densely populated cities. But this fact can be rejected if we look at cities like Flint, Michigan, America’s most dangerous city which show high in crime rates – Forbes rated Flint as the most dangerous city to live for women.

The cities which enjoy high incomes have low crime rates as compared to the towns with low household income. In addition to low crime rates, the safest cities also have lowest property crime rates. As reported by Urban Institute’s Roman, the reduction in crime has to do more about the economic policies, the well-being of its civilians and not about the crime policies or law enforcement.

To identify the safest cities in America a review of violent crime rates among the nation’s cities with population of 1000,000 or more is taken based on the records with the FBI. The data is fragmented into eight types of crimes: homicide, robbery, rape and aggravated assault; property crimes comprise of burglary, incendiarism, larceny and motor vehicle theft. In addition to all these hideous and gruesome crimes, poverty and literacy rate is accumulated from the 2013 census Bureau’s American Community Survey. We have shortlisted ten safest cities in U.S.A.

  1. Irvine, California

It is a suburban city in Orange Country, California, United States. With a population of 235,000 just 113 crime rates were reported in Irvine last year. Irvine was chosen in 2008 by CNNMoney.com as the fourth best place to live in the United States. The city violent crime rates was just 48 per 100,000 people. High earning and well-educated population can be considered as the reason of low crime rates. Irvine had a murder rate 80% below average – rape rate 86% below average – robbery rate 86% below average.

  1. Naperville, Illinois

A lower poverty rate, a city where 98% of people 25 and older had at least a high school diploma can be regarded as the reason of its low crime rates. It was rated as the second best city to live in by MONEY magazine in 2006.

  1. Cary, North Carolina

Located in the Piedmont region of the eastern United States, Cary enjoys remarkably low poverty rate of just 5.5% and high incomes. Here economic growth has led to declining crime rates. Violent crime rate is 79% less than North Carolina.

  1. Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert covers 76 square miles of land in Maricopa County, Arizona. Last year less than 6% of Gilbert residents lived in poverty, the lowest rate in the country is likely to be a major factor in low crime rates in its streets.… Read More.....